Friday, September 15, 2006


Look at this :

Our friend Roberto Carlos in resting position..

Ball is coming dear....

I just want to inform everyone to a new web site called VoIP Spear ( to measure your QoS. It's the Internet's best and most accessible QoS testing service. It utilizes packet loss, latency, and jitter to calculate a MOS score between 1 (very poor quality) and 5 (excellent quality) for your Internet connection. VoIP Spear runs 24x7x365 so you can always have an idea of what your VoIP QoS is.

VoIP Spear shows your QoS in easy-to-read charts. You can also have it send you email alerts when your quality drops too low.

VoIP Spear ( is free for personal use.

The communication plays a very important part in the growth as well as day today working of a business, so VOIP telephone service is required.
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