Wednesday, July 05, 2006

VoIP Codec

Codec stands for compression and decompression (similarly as modem stands for modulation demodulation. VoIP codec are used to convert analog voice signals to digital packets of data and sent across the internet to the other end, where again the digital packets are decoded into analog signal and delivered to the receiver. VoIP codec is very important for the working of VoIP technology.

In fact basic fundamental of VoIP depends upon this codec. Codec for VoIP is also called vocoder. With the popularity of VoIP increasing day by day, owing to its characteristics of adapting to the common infrastructure and delivering multiple services insistence of a quality codec to be installed in a network to convert signals from analogue to digital has risen. And if you have enough bandwidth, network operators use wideband codec to increase the quality of VoIP call or service.

As codec compress a data, it saves a lot of network bandwidth. And the technology is improved to such a level that network devices determine any silence in conversation itself and is suppressed, which in turn saves a lot of bandwidth.

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