Monday, July 31, 2006

New type of VoIP service

Skype is one of the most popular voIP softphone service used. It have a customerbase of more than million across the world. What else it is because it allows people to make almost free international calls. You require to have a computer connected to internet preferbly broadband connection.

But now its possible to make call from your mobile phone or your landline phone and that too at VoIP rates. Surprised huh !!!! The service lets you go online or use your phone to create a nearby local number for calling each of your international friends or associates. Whenever you are required to make a phone call, you dial that local number and it connects you to the called person's phone abroad. Presently this service is being used in almost 35 countries. e.g if you call your friend in sydney and he hang up and call you back while you hold on, it will be absolutely free.

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I just want to inform everyone to a new web site called VoIP Spear ( to measure your QoS. It's the Internet's best and most accessible QoS testing service. It utilizes packet loss, latency, and jitter to calculate a MOS score between 1 (very poor quality) and 5 (excellent quality) for your Internet connection. VoIP Spear runs 24x7x365 so you can always have an idea of what your VoIP QoS is.

VoIP Spear shows your QoS in easy-to-read charts. You can also have it send you email alerts when your quality drops too low.

VoIP Spear ( is free for personal use.

I think it is incredible the technology available to us this day and age. It would be horrible if the only way to talk to friends or family on the other side of the world was to fly there,or call. I love Skype, being able to see them is great!

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