Thursday, May 04, 2006

VoIP under surveillance

According to news, The US FCC is discussing to make wire tapping mandatory for the VoIP and broadband users. The reason behind this seemingly drastic idea is security threat from the terror networks around the world. According to them, it’s nearly impossible to track the terror groups through these VoIP phones. So they want to keep voip phones in different universities, homes, companies under police surveillance through wire tapping. The monetary requirements for this are huge. Some people are justifying the proposed step by saying that security comes first. Even republicans have won the last elections on the agenda of security.

VoIP security is already under threat and this latest attack from a government can dig deep grave for VoIP service providers. This is because of the fact that all the expenses of this wire tapping are goanna be paid by the users. This will lead to increase in installation and maintenance costs. This can play havoc with the cost effectiveness of VoIP Phones.

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