Wednesday, May 10, 2006

VoIP Phone service - Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689

Now windows messanger users will be able to avail voip phone service free of cost. Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689 has a very unique features called windows live call. This service will be offered by verizon. Presently this service will be offered to the users in UK, USA, Geramany etc. Windows live messenger is going to be an indespensible part of windows live , a much celebrated product fron microsoft. One thing is for sure 'If its related to Microsoft, it must be BIG'. This windows livemessenger will be real treat for the VoIP lovers across the world and is going to compete with Google's G talk program. Well this competition would just get more intense and stiff and the winner in both the cases would be VoIP users and VoIP Technology.

Happy calling..

It is a good move and will help all expats make calls to their home countries. Hope the internet cafes can get this service so that they will not opt for any illegal VOIPs in future.I just want to inform everyone to a new web site called VoIP Spear ( to measure your QoS. It's the Internet's best and most accessible QoS testing service.
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