Friday, May 12, 2006

VoIP on Flight

Now you may be able to use VoIP Phone Service on flight too. Airliners and VoIP service providers in U.S are on the verge of finalizing some deals regarding this. These VoIP Service Providers are actively bidding for the frequencies. Airliners will try to attract more passengers with the help of this add on feature. The domestic airliners i.e whose operations are limited to some areas only are more likely to use land based frequencies and those with international operations can opt for satellite frequency. Enjoy your trip…

It is a good move and will help all expats make calls to their home countries. Hope the internet cafes can get this service so that they will not opt for any illegal VOIPs in future.I just want to inform everyone to a new web site called VoIP Spear ( to measure your QoS. It's the Internet's best and most accessible QoS testing service.
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