Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hurdles for VoIP Service Providers

In the recent times we have seen more and more websites, web forums and blogs related to VoIP jump in to the VoIP Phone service market. It’s because VoIP is getting more and more recognisation from the customers around the world. Its customer base is increasing day by day and the VoIP market is on the roll. VoIP features have been added to the instant messaging services by all the big names whether it is AOL, Yahoo, Google, Daum etc. According to a survey, technology matters very little to the customers. They just want phone service, cheaper and reliable. And with the expansion of VoIP market, soft phone services such as Skype and Vonage are going to much more popular. And these free to download software are giving VoIP providers a run for their money.

Skype particularly is free and easy to use. You know what are the most popular products related to technology from last 2 to three years. These are Skype, ipod, firefox etc. And this is because they are simple to use and very cost effective to. In fact Skype and firefox are free software.

So for the VoIP service providers are required to first bring down local call costs and standardize the voip technology as soon as possible.


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