Saturday, April 15, 2006

VoIP services

India is a really big country with a population over 1.2 billion. With its Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is a world renowned economist, at the helm of economic affairs economy is on boom. It has recorded a GDP growth of 8 last year. The best thing about it is that its economic fundamentals are really strong. It has large middle class population with tremendous purchasing power. This purchasing power of a large section of population provides a great market to foreign multinationals especially American companies. The technical knowledge of Indians is on rise and is much higher than most of the individuals even from developed nations.

All these things show that India could be a golden goose for VoIP service providers. VoIP is a very cost effective alternate to the old PSTN telephones. With its help you can cut your Telephone bill by around 80%. The hardware requirements are minimal. You just need a Computer system, which is already with million of Indians, an ATA and broadband internet connection. Broadband internet connections are getting cheaper and cheaper as both public and private telecom players like BSNL and Bharati have jumped into the market. VoIP is something new for Indians. There are no major players offering VoIP services in India. Its cost effectiveness is its real selling point. Quality is not a major issue there. The call centre industry is really rocking there with millions of working professionals.

This shows how much scope VoIP has in India. Lot of illegal have emerged in the scene but India government has started cracking down them too. IP telephony knows no boundary lines and international borders get crossed. A large chunk of Indian population is working abroad especially in Gulf and North America. There relatives could talk to them for a limited time period because of high Mobile and PSTN call rates. VoIP not only can make space for itself easily but can also be a market leader too.

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