Wednesday, April 05, 2006

VoIP Features

VoIP phone calls can be made from any where you have internet connection available. There are no boundries for these IP phones and VoIP calls through ATAs. There administrative information is broadcasted over the internet and there can be used from anywhere there is broadband connection. This means that you can add your IP telephone to the list of your accesories you need while going for a business tour. But the biggest plus point of VoIP is its cost effectiveness. You can also bargain for loads of extra features such as Caller Identification, call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail, group call or conferencing, Repeat dial etc totally free of cost.

VoIP has its own demerits too. First of all its reliability is in question. The connection doesn’t have a dedicated line and thus is not reliable. The IP packets which travels in the congested networks have every chance of being timed out, destroyed, lost etc. Thus the quality of sound signal degrades at the user end. For our telephone line we don’t require electrical power but for the working of VoIP Phone electrical power is must. are also susceptible to virus attacks, hacking attacks which can also make it unsafe. The most talked about demerit of VoIP is 911 services as it do not work like a traditional landline telephone. Even the customers are not informed about this fact.

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