Monday, April 17, 2006

VoIP : Enough is enough

A lot of hype is being created around VoIP these days. Everyone is talking about its qualities especially cost effectiveness. Some of us have started believing that it is going to replace fixed line phones using PSTN technology in the near future. But according to some, sending voice traffic to and through the web is just a bad idea right now as the quality is too poor to be used for business communication. VoIP can provide you call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, incoming and outgoing fax calls, 3 ways calling but it is not able to provide emergency 911 services. The protocol used for VoIP does not transmit a caller's physical location that is why emergency services cannot be used on VOIP.
You need not to be a computer freak to use VoIP as VoIP can be used with your system OFF but it cannot work without power. Your old PSTN phone can. But I must say more and more businesses and VoIP service providers are deploying different VoIP solutions. VoIP users are really interested in saving their hard earned money and are willing to overlook a few shortcomings and problems to do this.

VoIP technology is improving day by day. This results in improvement of the quality of sound signal that user receive at the receiver end. This can cause threat to the market of traditional phone systems. In response to this some phone companies are trying to facilitate the passage of a legislature banning the use of VoIP phones i.e. you could be imprisoned for using VoIP phone services.

In some countries, VoIP usage has increased to 20% of all outbound calls. That is why traditional phone companies are feeling the heat. People of developing countries are adopting VoIP at much better pace as compared to that from developed countries. If you study posts in different voip forums ( is biggest), most of them has been posted by forum members from developing countries.
Government is the problem. Of course, what else is new?
I also like to think that the people will eventually use VoIP whether or not they ban it.

Skype was banned for a time in China, yet I still talked to many Chinese through Skype myself. They find ways around it.
Keep up the good work video editing programs
The first sign from the authority to open Voip market. Good to be all. Thanks TRA. It is a positive and bold step to encourage and accept new technological advancements. VoIP Spear ( is free for personal use.
VoIP market is booming. it's really have the great feature in coming days and in industry many Best VoIP Service Providers is there.
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