Friday, September 15, 2006

Why brazil lost to france

well i know that its not related to VoIP but i cant stop myself from corrupting my own blog. Just have a look at these images and if you are brazilian fan you will start abusing roberto carlos...

These images have been sent to me by my friend from an unknown source so please do not minf that i have posted them here...

Roberto Carlos is resting and could not see Henry coming. Zidane is preparing to take the kick..

Henry is approaching to the brazilian danger area but old man still do not want to move..

Is he searching something ??

Wake up man...


Look at this :

Our friend Roberto Carlos in resting position..

Ball is coming dear....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Conference calling on yahoo messenger

Yahoo messenger users can use latest plug in called ConFreeCall, to conference with up to 500 people in one go. It is designed for high-end business purposes. A company called Vapps has designed the conferencing software. Users can now download the ConFreeCall application from Yahoo’s plug-in gallery, for easy integration with the Yahoo! Messenger interface.

Asterisk beats CISCO VoIP network

Surprisingly enough for CISCO, Sam Houston State University has shifted its CISCO VoIP platform to Asterisk, an open source VoIP network. The reason behind this shift is being told as cost effectiveness of Asterisk. There is requirement of License for keeping CISCO network up and this license fee was just unbearable. Until now almost 1600 IP phones have been shifted from CISCO call managers to Asterisk running on SIP. But almost whole of the LAN and WAN equipment still consists of CISCO manufactured products such as routers, gateways and switches. Not only this, they have also saved a lot in their electricity bills, as they do not require cooling equipments anymore. But the only demerit for Sam Houston State University is that they do not have technical support of CISCO any more and they have to depend upon some online freelancers

Friday, August 04, 2006

VoIP security under scrunity

VoIP security has again raised some eyebrows. User base for VoIP is increasing day by day. Therefore it will lead to increase in VoIP attacks. According to security experts VoIP is coming under more and more hacking attacks. Infact in a security conference in Las Vegas, Security experts demonstrated hacking of VoIP phone. The Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA) demonstrated the vulnerabilities of certain VoIP phone systems through 13 new tools, released to assist security experts. the VoIP systems are required to be based on SIP standards and these tools too are based on SIP.

Monday, July 31, 2006

New type of VoIP service

Skype is one of the most popular voIP softphone service used. It have a customerbase of more than million across the world. What else it is because it allows people to make almost free international calls. You require to have a computer connected to internet preferbly broadband connection.

But now its possible to make call from your mobile phone or your landline phone and that too at VoIP rates. Surprised huh !!!! The service lets you go online or use your phone to create a nearby local number for calling each of your international friends or associates. Whenever you are required to make a phone call, you dial that local number and it connects you to the called person's phone abroad. Presently this service is being used in almost 35 countries. e.g if you call your friend in sydney and he hang up and call you back while you hold on, it will be absolutely free.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Vonage future

A lot of hot debated are going on related to the future of Vonage, VoIP services leader. Some are talking its buyoyt be 'BIG' cable companies such as Time Warner or merger into Cablevision. Vonage's IPO was a big failure and VoIP service providers very attentive. Vonage has bigger customer base than anyone else in VoIP industry. And such a sitauation of a big player is really alarming. But the thing is that it won't affect the growth of VoIP business of other players. Vonage's IPO failure depends upon many factors. Do you remeber MCI's IPO way back in 1972?

Vonage is VoIP's godfather (godfather may be down for a moment, but not out from the game). Vonage is indulged in some wild marketing now a days. Vonage has 95% of their VoIP lines in the United States, leaving tremendous growth opportunities overseas, especially in asian market where there is no market leader (Skype being the market leader in Europe.)

Company is required to provide new services to its customers to get out of this mess. This will not only increase its profitibility but also its customer base.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why you want to use VoIP ?

Have you ever asked a question to yourself : Why you want to use VoIP ? Because its cost effective, simple or anything else. There are ceratin deeper issues linked with VoIP technology than simply voice communication. These issue could be of technology, security, bandwidth requirements, power management ( your traditional phone 'fetches' the required power from service provider and is required at very low level). Network is also important. Its very important that your VoIP network provides required quality of service. For this you are required to have high bandwidth. ( Broadband is required and no dial ups please).

VoIP Codec

Codec stands for compression and decompression (similarly as modem stands for modulation demodulation. VoIP codec are used to convert analog voice signals to digital packets of data and sent across the internet to the other end, where again the digital packets are decoded into analog signal and delivered to the receiver. VoIP codec is very important for the working of VoIP technology.

In fact basic fundamental of VoIP depends upon this codec. Codec for VoIP is also called vocoder. With the popularity of VoIP increasing day by day, owing to its characteristics of adapting to the common infrastructure and delivering multiple services insistence of a quality codec to be installed in a network to convert signals from analogue to digital has risen. And if you have enough bandwidth, network operators use wideband codec to increase the quality of VoIP call or service.

As codec compress a data, it saves a lot of network bandwidth. And the technology is improved to such a level that network devices determine any silence in conversation itself and is suppressed, which in turn saves a lot of bandwidth.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Free international VoIP calls

Frankly speaking I have never heard of JAJAH. Jajah is a VoIP service provider which is offering free international calls. But one jajah can call only other jajah VoIP user for free. But it could be either of soft phone, traditional landline phone or mobile phone. But if you are calling a user not registered with Jajah than you will have to shell out some money. But the question arises for how much time the company will be able to provide this service. Well let’s wait and watch but definitely it’s a good move for VoIP community. And in the mean time Jajah can increase its customer base too.

Why don't you concentrate on football rater than VoIP? Match between Brazil and
Ecuadar was just great. Ok I am sorry I won't discuss football on this VoIP blog. I should start a new blog related to .

VoIP and Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to integrate its set of desktop and server applications with VoIP technology. This will be really helpful for business communication. For example Microsoft’s exchange server will not only provide email solutions but also have fully integrated VoIP and voice mail technology in it. Other adds on includes soft phone and instant messaging across MSN with Office Communicator 2007. In this project, will be helped by many world famous companies such as Siemens, Samsung, Logitech, Plantronics.

And please don't mind those links at the top.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

VoIP Soft Phone

Can you imagine why a user of a particular voip soft phone cannot communicate with a user of some other VoIP soft phone? Is it to increase their market share and not letting others grow? The requirement is for interoperability, a multi-protocol client which should support SIP, XMPP, Firewall NAT-traversal friendly, AVSAQ, Mpeg, JPEG, .wav, VAG, AGC support. Can we have a soft phone through which we could communicate with , , , Gtalk, Windows live messenger, Lingo, Yahoo messenger users.

Skype and ebay deal

Both EBay and dell has joined hands and dell’s mobile systems will have Skype program included. Its profitable to both of them as dell will be able to provide add on services to its customers. They will be able to use Skype’s voip calling software. Skype on other hand will have more popularity and will have increased user base. It’s such a wonderful deal that it is profitable to all namely Skype, dell and their customers.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We have already talked a lot about 911 emergency servies on system. VoIP phone users are required to be registered with a particular address and name, only then emergency service providers could help in emergency. An IP address could not provide required information related to the caller location to the emergency service personals. Government is looking forward to increase the strictness for VoIP service Provider to provide emergency services to their customers.

Now lets talk about the VoIP war between Microsoft and yahoo. It has started heating up as both have come up with some exciting new VoIP produvts. Yahoo has got new plug ins to help yahoo messenger users to call their near ones through internet. Microsoft on the other hand has introduced a new version of Windows live messenger. It can allow its user to make cheap international calls. This can effect business of Skype and Vonage. One with best service and add ons will win the war.

season is on the roll. How boring it could be to write about VoIP while watching Argentina play against Holland. Both of them were amazing and were playing what is called as 'Total football'. England has its own woes. With an injured firing line, we can just laugh nervously. Micheal Owen with an injured knee is out for 5 months, rooney is already under scanner. Lets hope for the best.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

VoIP : Uncertain future

According to a research in australia, VoIP services has the biggest business potential among the new technologies and large portion of total world population is becoming aware of its benefits. This will also boost the growth of broadband services business.

But as far as two major VoIP service providers ( skype and vonage ) is concerned, they are giving sleepless nights to their investors. Ebay has bought skype for &4.1 billion ( yes dear $ 4.1 billlllioonnnnn) without any major far sightedness. Vonage IPO's value has dropped drastically from its opening proce. Their future looks uncertain.

So what the above two reports says about VoIP future ? Success needs no explaination, failure has none....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

VoIP wire tapping : FCC is going crazy

FCC honeymoon with wire tapping of VoIP users can be dangerous from security point of view. First of all it is a highly complicated technology as compared to traditional phone systems.

The identity information, credit card numbers and other passwords could be leaked through the implication of this decision. It can adversely affect the voip business and the development of technology particularly in US.

VoIP experts are constantly voicing there opposition for this decision. Not only this, the cost of this wire tapping will be enormous and will cut down its competitive edge. This cost will have to be shared by voip service providers and voip users.

Monday, June 05, 2006

VoIP provider : Uneven road ahead

VoIP service providers are being sued every where whether it is a small firm in India or large organizations such as Skype and Vonage. This time net2phone has sued ebay ( holder company of Skype ) for violating point-to-point Internet Protocol agreement. Similarly Vonage is facing heat from investots for 'mishandling' its IPO. Vonage IPO was just less than disaster for investors as the value of share decreased considerably.

Friday, June 02, 2006

VoIP Software - Skype, Vonage, Lingo review

When we talk about VoIP software, the names skype, Vonage, Lingo comes to pur mind. These VoIP softwares also called as softphones has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Each of them have their own benefits. I have tried to review few features related to skype, Vonage and Lingo

Skype : With the help of skype you can make free call through your broadband internet connection. Mind it, I have talked about broadband connection as it is the utmost necessity. Its very good for single computer system which have a dedicated internet connection. It uses peer to peer services and skype software is required at both the ends. Skype is widely popular across europe especially UK. But the question arises Why ebay has bought skype at such a high price ?

Vonage : Vonage is the most widely popular and widely used internet phone service especially across USA. The quality of sound depends upon the bandwidth of your internet connection that is why high broadband connection is advisable for Vonage use. You can make VoIP calls through your ordibary phone set as company provides a small box that is required to be connected with your broadband modem at one end and with your phone at other end. You can infact take your phone system anywhere you want and will require only a broadband connection to make a VoIP call. Not ony this you can also get additional services such as call forwarding, call conferencing, voicemail, call transfering, call waiting and many more. And still Vonage investors are losing money in stock market

Lingo : If you are frequent caller to Europe or Asia, Lingo is best VoIP phone service for you. But the complaint rate for Lingo is quite higher as compared to other softphone services. But you will love the ease and quality of using Lingo service. Other benefits includes cheap monthly rates, standard unlimited-minutes plan, 911 support, virtual numbers etc.

Monday, May 29, 2006

VoIP Phone service

There are quite a few reasons that will stop you using VoIP. I am trying to list few of them :
  • VoIP has reliablility issues. Power failure, network failure, router or switch failure are just few reasons that will cause hinderance to proper use of VoIP phone.

  • VoIP is offcourse cost effecive but if you are switching from other communication service to VoIP Phone service than you may have to buy new equipment.
  • All these VoIP switches and routers cost a lot. Then there are network installation, maintenance & customer support charges.
  • Then you have other options available with you such as G talk and skype which offer free softwares.

  • - Poor Voice quality.
    - VoIP is not secure. You may get prone to virus, bugs or eavesdropper threats occasionaly.
    - Still there is a lot of confusion around VoIP Phone service as VoIP service providers need to educate comman people about VoIP.

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    VoIP on Flight

    Now you may be able to use VoIP Phone Service on flight too. Airliners and VoIP service providers in U.S are on the verge of finalizing some deals regarding this. These VoIP Service Providers are actively bidding for the frequencies. Airliners will try to attract more passengers with the help of this add on feature. The domestic airliners i.e whose operations are limited to some areas only are more likely to use land based frequencies and those with international operations can opt for satellite frequency. Enjoy your trip…

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    VoIP Phone System

    VoIP Phone System
    World is certainly a much shorter and smaller place nowadays. You can be around the world in 8 days and can talk to your buddy sitting at the other corner of this planet within seconds. Technology is so advanced now that you can carry virtually a whole library of books, songs, documents in your pocket. You must have heard that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. VoIP Phone System is also one such technology that has revolutionized the world. The necessity was to decrease the international long distance call charges charged by mobile phone operators and PSTN phone network operators.
    VoIP Phone System works on broadband internet connections. In this process your old phone sets could be used but your calls are routed through IP using broadband connections with larger bandwidth and a digital phone adapter..

    VoIP Phone service : Wanna use VoIP over your cellphone

    Now it’s the time for VoIP phone system on your mobile phone. VoIP enabled mobile handsets has the cost effectiveness of VoIP alongwoth usuabiliy and convenience of mobile phones. Its proving as a boon to the mobile phone users.

    T-Mobile International, one of the biggest mobile network operator across in Europe and USA hasbanned the use of VoIP service over its mobile network. The T-mobile users may not be able to enjoy this low cost phone service. T-mobile has started feeling the heat i.e stiff competition from the VoIP over mobile service providers who are offering long distance international calls next to nill. So to save its market share and its large chunk of revenue they have decided to ban the use of VoIP services over their network. Earlier Vodafone too has made similar recommendations. These VoIP-over-mobile service providers are offering VoIP services over JAVA enabled cellphones. The decision has came after it has declared highest rate of growth in contract customers in company history in UK.

    This decision of a big mobile network operations company can hurt the interests of VoIP service providers across the workd. But i think it can just delay the inevitable...

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    VoIP Phone service - Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689

    Now windows messanger users will be able to avail voip phone service free of cost. Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689 has a very unique features called windows live call. This service will be offered by verizon. Presently this service will be offered to the users in UK, USA, Geramany etc. Windows live messenger is going to be an indespensible part of windows live , a much celebrated product fron microsoft. One thing is for sure 'If its related to Microsoft, it must be BIG'. This windows livemessenger will be real treat for the VoIP lovers across the world and is going to compete with Google's G talk program. Well this competition would just get more intense and stiff and the winner in both the cases would be VoIP users and VoIP Technology.

    Happy calling..

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Hurdles for VoIP Service Providers

    In the recent times we have seen more and more websites, web forums and blogs related to VoIP jump in to the VoIP Phone service market. It’s because VoIP is getting more and more recognisation from the customers around the world. Its customer base is increasing day by day and the VoIP market is on the roll. VoIP features have been added to the instant messaging services by all the big names whether it is AOL, Yahoo, Google, Daum etc. According to a survey, technology matters very little to the customers. They just want phone service, cheaper and reliable. And with the expansion of VoIP market, soft phone services such as Skype and Vonage are going to much more popular. And these free to download software are giving VoIP providers a run for their money.

    Skype particularly is free and easy to use. You know what are the most popular products related to technology from last 2 to three years. These are Skype, ipod, firefox etc. And this is because they are simple to use and very cost effective to. In fact Skype and firefox are free software.

    So for the VoIP service providers are required to first bring down local call costs and standardize the voip technology as soon as possible.


    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    VoIP under surveillance

    According to news, The US FCC is discussing to make wire tapping mandatory for the VoIP and broadband users. The reason behind this seemingly drastic idea is security threat from the terror networks around the world. According to them, it’s nearly impossible to track the terror groups through these VoIP phones. So they want to keep voip phones in different universities, homes, companies under police surveillance through wire tapping. The monetary requirements for this are huge. Some people are justifying the proposed step by saying that security comes first. Even republicans have won the last elections on the agenda of security.

    VoIP security is already under threat and this latest attack from a government can dig deep grave for VoIP service providers. This is because of the fact that all the expenses of this wire tapping are goanna be paid by the users. This will lead to increase in installation and maintenance costs. This can play havoc with the cost effectiveness of VoIP Phones.

    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    VoIP Frauds on rise

    I think I will have to continue from where I have left last week.
    A new kind of fraud have emerged which if not checked can give sleepless nights to VoIP users and will adversely affect VoIP Phone Services and business. Some Fraudsters are sending phony emails to VoIP users introducing themselves big financial institutions such as banks, insurance providers or stock brokers.
    They are prompting the VoIP users to provide their account information, PIN codes and passwords.
    VOIP users have been advised to cross check the authentication of such emails especially those which are related to financial institutions before dialing it. You just need to attentive and can save yourself from being robbed. As these frauds are increasing at an alarming rate, VoIP Service Provider will have to think about some solid solution of the problem.

    Friday, April 28, 2006

    VoIP Security

    One thing that i must tell you that network security is different form VoIP security. If your network is secure that doesn't mean that your VoIP system is secure too. VoIP can be used in business communication only if its vulnerabilities are removed. The biggest nightmare would be that your phone's IP address is spoofed and someone else is enjoying VoIP talk on your expenses.Authentication and encryptiopn techniques are required to be developed to keep unwanted intruders and eaves droppers at bay. As we all know, Session Initiation Protocol is the main signalling protocol used in VoIP Technology. There are laws to prevent eavesdropping in traditional phone systems but IP Telephony is still very young to be governed by any law. Spamming too is one such threat that need to be discussed.


    VoIP - Skype getting bigger

    Many of you love to use VoIP because of its cost effectiveness. (some are just fed up from the behaviour of there traditional phone service provider). And many of you don't like it because of poor Voice quality and absence of 911 services. My friend judith who got VoIP connection last month is having terrible headache due to it. He is not able to recieve incoming calls and quality of outgoing calls is terrible. Customer care department of the VoIP Service provider is not listening and demanding heavy penalty for contract termination. I have advised hime to try Skype. Skype is certainly one of the best VoIP software around.
    Skype according to a news is getting bigger and bigger. According to tom keating's blog its approaching 100 million users mark. That's really good news for VoIP lovers. As Henry Ford , i think, once said that he will make a car that whole of America will drive (rest is history, you must have heard...about Ford motors), Skype too is going to make its mark globally. Best of Luck......


    Monday, April 24, 2006

    VoIP - Intel using VOIP to boost sales

    If you are VoIP admirer (offcourse if you sre not employed by a mobile phone company directly or indirectly), you are going to love this stuff:

    'VoIP has captured the imagimation of micro processor developers too. Market giant INTEL, has developed add-on VoIP Cards to increase there motherboard sale. This interface card will support Skype and other VoIP tools. Intel is seeking help from Vonage, Skype, Packet and some internet service providers too.'

    Blah ! Our computers will be more compatible and it will require just a plug-on to get going..

    VoIP Service Provider

    The cost of living in major cities of world has increased at an alarming rate. Increase in Oil price is the basic reason behind this. This has resulted in increase of price of each and every essential commodity whether it is petrol, cooking gas, oil, transportation etc. But due to revolution in VoIP Technology, the cost of communication with your near and dear ones across the borders has reduced very much. Whether you are a small time shop owner or big business magnate, you can save up to 70-85% on your long distance calls.

    Following are some points which you should know before choosing a VoIP Service Provider:

    - Try to negotiate and reduce excessive early contract termination penalties while signing the document.
    - You should know all the expense on your VoIP system before hand. As in most of the cases the cost of add-on equipment is much larger than the minimum configuration which VoIP Service Provider
    - Also some additional add-on features such as call forwarding, caller ID should not cost you a treasure. Make sure that you get all the additional features which the service provider can provide.
    - What will be the up gradation charges if you need to upgrade the system?

    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    voice over internet protocol

    VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a revolutionary technology which is going to change the present telecommunication scenerio. The technical aspects are improving day by day at much faster pace as compared to other competitive telecommunication technologies especially PSTN services. We are approaching a saturation point for PSTN Network developments and can't stretch them for long any more. VoIP is new age technology.

    Let us look at technical aspects of the VoIP. When we speak, the sound signal is in the form of analog signal. PSTN networks are used to transmit these analog signals through different modulation techniques. But in it is converted to a digital signal or you can say to a binary signal. This digital electrical signal is converted into small IP packets at network layer and is transmitted to its destination address through internet modem and gateways. For VoIP we need a broadband internet connection. In this voice and data signals are transmitted simultaneously. This is a packet switched network. In this data or voice signal is transmitted through IP packets. Each IP packet take its own route depending upon routing algorithms and congestion on different routes.

    These IP Packets reorders at the destination point using header valves in the address fields. These are packet are reconverted to a digital electrical signal and then to an analog voice signal through your telephone.

    The main benefit of VoIP is its low cost of operation. Only expenditure is on internet connection. Your telephone bill can be reduced by 95% through a VoIP connection. The software required for this is also almost free and is available as open source. The one major aspect of it is that you are bypassing the phone company (and its charges) entirely. VoIP providers like Vonage have already been around for a little while and are growing rapidly. But as every coin has two sides it has its own demerits too. The voice quality is on the lower side.

    There are three ways to place a VoIP call:

    - First is using a special VoIP adapter called analog telephone adapter also ATA. Through ATA you can connect your computer to your telephone at one end and to your computer internet connection on the other end. It converts an analog signal to a digital signal. It takes the analog sound signal from your traditional telephone and converts it into digital electrical signal for transmission over the Internet. Some of VoIP service providers makes these ATAs available for free. Its installation is also very simple. Get the adapter out of its box, Plug the phone cable into it, And hurray you are ready to talk for infinite time without worrying about your phone bill.

    - The other way is through IP Phones. These are almost similar like traditional phones with one major difference. Traditional Phones have an RJ 11(registered jack) connector. But IP phones have an RJ 45 Connector with them. IP phones are required to be connected directly to the modem or router.

    - The last way is also easiest to use and install. Only accessories that you require for them is microphone, speaker, Software ( you can get it for free or at minimal price) amd an internet connection. You wont require to pay for your call even. Apart from your normal monthly ISP bill, there is usually no charge at all for computer-to-computer VoIP call irrespective of the distance.

    Friday, April 21, 2006

    VoIP Phone Service

    Don’t you think that you are being ripped off by your telephone company? At least I think so. A long talk with your fiancé in Britain can cost you a fortune. Apart from this they will charge you for each and every additional service they provide whether it is voice mail or call conferencing. And from years we were short of a strong alternative. Buy now we have one. It’s . While not with out demerits such as unavailability of broadband internet connection, better as a second line, Internet Phone has brought a lot more choice to the user. Call centre industry is on boom now days. This is backed with strong fundamental economic reasons. Also the amount of money required to run a call centre successfully is not much now. This is because the telecom bills have been reduced drastically through the use VoIP technology. Most of the call centers in Asia are switching to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). With rates as low as $10.95 a month and below those who make a lot of long distance international calling are not challenged very much to justify the expense of an IP line. There are many cool features that Internet phone service companies provide to their customer. E.g., many of them email you your previous voice-mails.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    VoIP : IP Packets

    Data travel over the Internet in the form of Internet packets also known as IP packets. These IP packets have a payload as well as an address field which determines or we can say which informs different routers and gateways through which packet passes, where this IP packet will be delivered. In Voice over IP service this payload consists of the actual voice data. The address field consists of several layers. Each internet packet datagram consists of a specific set of fields in a certain order so that the networking devices know how to decode and read the stream of data received. The various fields of IP datagram are version, IHL, TOS, Total length, Identification, Flags, Fragment offset, TTL, Protocol, Header checksum, Source IP Address, Destination IP address, options, padding.

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    VoIP : Enough is enough

    A lot of hype is being created around VoIP these days. Everyone is talking about its qualities especially cost effectiveness. Some of us have started believing that it is going to replace fixed line phones using PSTN technology in the near future. But according to some, sending voice traffic to and through the web is just a bad idea right now as the quality is too poor to be used for business communication. VoIP can provide you call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, incoming and outgoing fax calls, 3 ways calling but it is not able to provide emergency 911 services. The protocol used for VoIP does not transmit a caller's physical location that is why emergency services cannot be used on VOIP.
    You need not to be a computer freak to use VoIP as VoIP can be used with your system OFF but it cannot work without power. Your old PSTN phone can. But I must say more and more businesses and VoIP service providers are deploying different VoIP solutions. VoIP users are really interested in saving their hard earned money and are willing to overlook a few shortcomings and problems to do this.

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    VoIP services

    India is a really big country with a population over 1.2 billion. With its Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is a world renowned economist, at the helm of economic affairs economy is on boom. It has recorded a GDP growth of 8 last year. The best thing about it is that its economic fundamentals are really strong. It has large middle class population with tremendous purchasing power. This purchasing power of a large section of population provides a great market to foreign multinationals especially American companies. The technical knowledge of Indians is on rise and is much higher than most of the individuals even from developed nations.

    All these things show that India could be a golden goose for VoIP service providers. VoIP is a very cost effective alternate to the old PSTN telephones. With its help you can cut your Telephone bill by around 80%. The hardware requirements are minimal. You just need a Computer system, which is already with million of Indians, an ATA and broadband internet connection. Broadband internet connections are getting cheaper and cheaper as both public and private telecom players like BSNL and Bharati have jumped into the market. VoIP is something new for Indians. There are no major players offering VoIP services in India. Its cost effectiveness is its real selling point. Quality is not a major issue there. The call centre industry is really rocking there with millions of working professionals.

    This shows how much scope VoIP has in India. Lot of illegal have emerged in the scene but India government has started cracking down them too. IP telephony knows no boundary lines and international borders get crossed. A large chunk of Indian population is working abroad especially in Gulf and North America. There relatives could talk to them for a limited time period because of high Mobile and PSTN call rates. VoIP not only can make space for itself easily but can also be a market leader too.

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    VoIP future

    VoIP is becoming more and more popular. It has good market potential. The number of VoIP providers is increasing day by day around the world each of them expecting a share of the cake. Yum………. It’s not too far that becomes a communication standard. According to a study, vonage is more popular in USA and Skype is more popular among voip users in UK. Google has its own voice messaging application called Google Talk which is giving stiff competition to the Skype. As Google talk is freely and easily available, its user base is increasing day by day. But the sound quality with Google Talk is not as good as that with Skype. With Google flirting with voice recognition technologies and searches based on them, it is all set to conquer the battlefield. Some mobile phone network companies are coming up with special filters that restrict its subscribers using VoIP services. VoIP is biggest upcoming threat to them as it is dead cheap. Even the cable companies are getting serious about VoIP.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    looking for VoIP service provider

    There are lots of VoIP service providers in the market now days. Choosing best among them is quite a tedious task. You must be well informed and should have at least basic knowledge of VoIP Technology, VoIP hardware and software. You van easily save up to 80% on your long distance international calls. Opt for reputed players in the market as they provide good quality at competitive prices. You can choose your own brand as you choose for your suitings or your car. You can also opt from online service providers.
    You can get additional add on services free of cost too such as group conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting, caller tunes etc. Just look for the rate cards available with the company. Try to compare rates from different service providers. Some VoIP Providers helps you to retain your traditional phone number with too. So if you really love your old phone number, you need not to change it. But not every service provider offers this feature. Also make sure you get E911 service from the VoIP service Provider. They provide really cheap VoIP services as they have very less overhead costs.

    Look for VoIP service providers online.

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